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January 8, 2024
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Interview: Arndreya Price of LNO Greek

Meet Arndreya Price, recognized as one of the world's most progressive and insightful lifestyle brand owners, who founded LNO Greek.

Arndreya Price is identified as one of the world’s most progressive and insightful lifestyle brand luminaries.

Her mission to assist humans in feeling stunning and costing themselves is completed through her particularly sought-after black Greek clothing logo, LNO Greek, which has served many clients, and her exclusive destination wellbeing retreats.

As someone who battled with body picture troubles, seeing that adolescence, Arndreya needs people to realize they may be beautiful and have to sense the beauty of their garments. Contrary to what society tells us beauty comes in various shades, shapes, and sizes.

Taking notions from the history of the Divine Nine historically black fraternities and sororities, her hand-crafted garment collections for men and women embody timeless fashion.

Because of this, LNO Greek is the pass-to apparel for the noticeably hit fraternity and sorority individuals.

At the same time, the wellbeing retreats allow first-era wealth creators to tour in fashion and build high-value relationships.

Where did the concept of LNO Greek come from?

The power closer to elegant, versatile, satisfactory paraphernalia commenced when I crossed the burning sands in 2006.

I’d waited for this second most of my existence and turned into past elated! But my line had to put on BIG, oversized guys’ t-shirts with no shape.

As a collegiate neophyte, I proudly repped that paraphernalia. However, that line t-shirt didn’t let me showcase my character and fashion.

My experience is not unique to me; others have had comparable problems, having to settle for subpar paraphernalia.

What is your regular day, and how do you make it efficient?

My typical day starts with focusing on self-care, beginning with a moment for spiritual reflection and seeking guidance for my life.

Following that, I aim to complete my goal of 10,000 steps, often reaching around 8,500 through my preferred dance and cardio workouts on YouTube.

I must begin my day with this act of self-love and care, as it sets the foundation for my productivity and effectiveness and for my interactions with others.

How do you bring ideas to life?

I share my idea with thought leaders in the subject who have the expertise to assist me in getting there quickly.

What’s one trend that excites you?

One fashion that truly excites me is human beings taking possession of their happiness and no longer just following the social norms of attending university, getting married, having toddlers, and then retiring.

There is nothing wrong with that way of life if that is what you genuinely need, but many of us (myself included) have observed the guidelines goodbye. We don’t even recognize what excites us because we wander off into the midst of the ordinary.

Lately, I broke the cycle by quitting my tremendously successful six-parent profession, which I didn’t love, to pursue my ardor.

It stunned my mother and father because I am the rule follower; ultimately, they aid my dream.

Choosing the first-class life for me has made me so much happier, and I know it will do the same for you if you haven’t commenced already!

What is one addiction of yours that makes you extra efficient as an entrepreneur?

One of the most important things is examining your accomplishments. Sometimes, we get stuck in what we want to be, but we congratulate ourselves for making it this far and persevering in our journey to success.

What recommendation could you give your younger self?

This too shall pass….I used to get hung up on issues, and they would control my day. Now, I am more solutions-orientated when troubles arise.

I do take one quick moment to get it off my chest (I am human), but I keep it brief and plan my way to fulfillment!

Tell us something true: nobody agrees with you.

I am a former rule follower, so answering this is a stretch. I will go along with silence isn’t always golden in the movie theaters…I can consider many scenes that need my commentary!

What is the one aspect you do time and again and advocate everybody else do?

Read your vintage journals and reflect on how you have grown mentally and spiritually. This practice will keep you stage-headed if imposter syndrome attempts to creep in and take over your thoughts.

What is one approach that has helped you grow your business?

The approach is to recognize the fundamentals of all components of your business but ordinary better the expert.

Many small business owners tend to do every activity possible, but that isn’t an efficient use of time or sensible.

When I launched my commercial enterprise in October 2021, I changed into operating my W2 gig and looking to store every dime that came my way.

Therefore, I attempted to do my social media, but it took me hours (I will not say what number because it’s far more embarrassing) to provide you with 1 post.

That is why I have so few posts inside the release period of my commercial enterprise.

Once I became mentally able to part with the cash and hire a social media manager, she freed up my time and, more importantly, generated extra income through social media.

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you triumph over it?

Trying to skip steps in the process often leads to unfavorable outcomes.

Once, I ordered several pieces of clothing without first requesting a sample because I was eager to offer my customers something new for the holiday season.

I was pressed for time and couldn’t wait for a sample to arrive before the holiday shopping season began, which led me to make this hasty decision.

My excitement from once I got the delivery notification and got to my bundle became quick-lived. I opened the items, and to my surprise, they were too small, and I glaringly couldn’t use them.

So now I even have those items that couldn’t be offered. I advise setting the plan and sticking to it; don’t take shortcuts.

What is one enterprise concept that you’re willing to provide away to our readers?

I already said it, but I will repeat it again: taking care of yourself is the most crucial thing you can do.

Your commercial enterprise will see better results if you get the right sleep, exercise, and eat healthily. My personal favorite that’s an advantage is going to the spa.

A lot of Americans take self-care for granted. However, I am a massive fan of taking personal time.

Once a month, I even have a holiday called “Arndreya Day”; on this day, I unplug for a few hours and take myself to the spa for a 2-hour rubdown and lunch.

This permits me to refresh and reset my mind. So start (insert call) Day….Trust me, you gained remorse!

What is the first-rate $100 you have spent lately? What and why?

I recently spent more than $100, but it was to certainly pay a family member who helped my business.

Often, enterprise owners anticipate family to assist, but I felt delight in being capable of paying for the offerings provided.

What is one piece of software or an internet service that allows you to be efficient?

Trello is one of my favorite tools…Even though I am prepared, that isn’t always who I am. I am more like the good enough I’ll get to it executed if I consider the type of person.

However, when money is involved with an enterprise, I need to stay on the pinnacle of what my crew is working on executing to ensure we hit our targets.

What book do you propose our community should examine and why?

Even though Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich has its flaws, the ideas outlined in this e-book were what truly got me to take the leap of faith and leave my task.

If you are on the fence about full-time entrepreneurship, you need to read this ebook, observe the standards of your life, and determine your potential success.

What is your favorite quote?

Philippians 4:thirteen “I can do ALL matters through Christ who strengthens me.”

I became a Biology most important in college, which became a clean verse I ought to consider to preserve my advocacy while college became genuinely challenging.

Anything you wanted to say?

Key learnings for business owners emphasize the importance of self-care and setting boundaries to improve overall well-being.

It’s essential to support oneself through every journey and invest in efficient systems. Execution of plans is crucial for achieving business goals.

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Julia Dobson, co-founder of Village England, blends luxury with accessibility in handbags. Her expertise from LVMH and entrepreneurial spirit, alongside balancing motherhood, showcases her journey in filling a niche in the fashion industry.

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