Marnie Rabinovitch Consky
February 8, 2024
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Interview: Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, CEO of Thigh Society

Thigh Society is an $18M+ brand with raving fans across the globe, 0 employees and 5 products. I (still) don’t fit the label of a traditional entrepreneur; Marnie Consky.

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky is the CEO and Chief Anti-Chafing Champion of Thigh Society, the number 1 emblem of anti-Chafing undies.

She based the organization in 2009, inspired by her need for lengthy underwear that wasn’t constricting like shapewear, and with an assignment to quit the weight loss plan tradition’s stigma of thigh chafe as a weight problem.

She was informed that the business had become too niche and didn’t have legs (pun intended!) because girls only wanted shapewear.

It seems they need comfortable, long-leg underclothes that aren’t shapewear — and a new product class became born: slip shorts.

Now, Thigh Society is a $10M+ self-funded and profitable enterprise run with the aid of a group of component-time far-flung freelancers.

The logo has a global cult-like following for its shorties that offer chafe prevention, moisture wicking, and modesty, assist with butt sweat and hot flashes, and may be worn for health, sleepwear, loungewear, pregnancy, submit-surgical operation, and extra.

Its length-inclusive range of stretchy and breathable fabric in different colorations and leg lengths ensures a pair for each person.

Instead of feeling sucked in and suffocated by undergarments designed to constrict and cut back, Thigh Society offers gentle, empowering solutions that provide freedom of motion in place of limit and distraction.

What is your standard day, and how do you make it efficient?

My typical day involves working from home in an ergonomic setup, with a proper desk and chair. This setup is crucial for comfort, especially during long hours of sitting.

As part of the Thigh Society team, which operates remotely, I’ve learned the importance of a good workspace for productivity, especially since the pandemic.

I schedule 1-3 video calls daily, mostly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, to avoid back-to-back meetings.

I reserve Mondays and Fridays for focused work. I schedule walks and workouts to ensure regular breaks, marking these times as ‘busy’ in my calendar.

This strategy helps me maintain them. On evenings when I work late, I sometimes work by candlelight and the light from my monitor to create a zen and calm atmosphere.”

How do you bring thoughts to existence?

Listening to our clients and community is a key source of thoughts for brand-spanking new products.

Our new coloration launches are pushed more by consumer requests than style traits, and our new Cargo shorts with a pocket became the #1 request by our customers for years.

What’s one trend that excites you?

I love that society and the media feel that they’re becoming more open – albeit very slowly – to much less ageist attitudes in commercial enterprise and style.

And I desire it’s a trend that sticks. Take Martha Stewart, who was on the duvet of Swimsuit Illustrated at 81 years old.

This would have been unfathomable a decade ago. Having pursued Thigh Society full-time at forty years old, I know that starting a commercial enterprise and residing in your satisfactory life has no age restriction.

What is one habit that enables you to be efficient?

I’m scheduling everything in my calendar. This includes meetings, errands, family events, birthday reminders, and even workouts!

What recommendation could you give your younger self?

Be assured, and Forestall, stressed approximately as much as you seem like. Move your frame in a way that feels precise. Eat in a manner that nourishes your frame and makes you glad.

There’s so much greater to existence than trying to decrease your body. What you seem like is the least interesting thing about you.

Tell us something you believe. Almost nobody has the same opinion as you.

That there’s no such thing as a dumb query. A lot of human beings – in particular women and, greater so, girls in commercial enterprise – don’t like asking questions because they find it irresistible and makes them look silly.

Stop demanding what the opposite man or woman might consider you. Have you ever forgotten that maybe they could have communicated better? Just ask.

What is the only issue you repeatedly do and advocate for everybody else to do?

Donate clothes that don’t suit you anymore. Get them out of your closet – seeing them every day doesn’t help your body photograph and keeps you focused on the past in place of the prevailing.

When you feel crushed or unfocused, what do you do?

I have a dance birthday celebration in my kitchen, cross for a walk, and listen to my favorite playlist.

What is one approach that has helped you develop your commercial enterprise or enhance your career?

Networking is key in business and careers. Building relationships is crucial because you never know when you might help someone or need their help.

For instance, when I first thought of Thigh Society, I shared the idea during casual chats in my group fitness class.

To my surprise, one of the attendees was in charge of domestic production for a major fitness apparel brand.

He facilitated a warm introduction to their factory, a connection that would have otherwise taken me months to establish and secure a meeting.

What is one failure in your career? How did you conquer it, and what lessons did you learn from it?

Placing too much trust in costly marketing firms was a mistake. These mishaps shared similar traits: I didn’t probe their strategies deeply, assumed they prioritized my company’s best interests, and realized they lacked a true grasp of our brand.

I addressed these issues by asking more clarifying questions initially, improving the onboarding process, and maintaining daily involvement until I felt confident enough to step back. Trusting my intuition was also key.

What is one enterprise idea you’re inclined to offer away to our readers?

I haven’t any concept – if I did, I’d in all likelihood be beginning any other commercial enterprise doing it 🙂

What is one piece of software that allows you to be efficient? How do you operate it?

1Password, wherein you can enter all of your passwords from every website you have a login for into one app. It works seamlessly across cellular and computing devices and with any net browser.

It even shows randomly generated passwords in preference to using the same one for every website online (responsible!). It will inform you which ones of your passwords are superb or horrible.

I in no way ought to not forget passwords anymore except for the only log in to 1Password. So much greater mind space!

What is the nice $100 you spent lately?

I have a $25 transportable battery charger called Pocket Juice to rate my mobile cellphone at the move. Great for vacations and the seaside where there are no electric retailers around; however, you want to take more fabulous selfies or end that Netflix display you downloaded.

What is your favorite book?

More Than a Body via Drs. Lindsay and Lexi Kite. Their e-book enables girls particularly to understand that we’re a lot more than what we look like and that our bodies are the least thrilling factor around us.

These books, among many others, have shaped my perspectives on the food regimen subculture and how we’re stimulated by poisonous and unrealistic beauty standards.

What’s a film or collection you latterly loved and why?

I loved the loopy story of The Real Chippendales, on Disney+ of all networks LOL. It’s about the founding father of Chippendales, how he began the commercial enterprise and the way it have become the male striptease organisation we know it to be. I can’t say extra; I don’t need to give away any spoilers.

Key learnings:

  • Chart your very own direction when it comes to beginning a business, whether or not that’s how you figure, build your crew, or fund your corporation – and you’re by no means too old to start.
  • Lean into the era to make your daily lifestyles (non-public and professional) more productive and efficient.
  • Your body is the least thrilling factor about you.

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