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Our Vision

Our vision is to create beautifully designed bags for everyday adventures.

Every day is an adventure. We aim to create the perfect canvas for your stories with understated, effortlessly stylish bags and accessories to accompany you on your daily travels.

In this age of relentless consumerism, the world does not need more disposable product - it simply needs better, which means less waste. It’s why we insist on amazing leathers, luxuriously tactile yet hard-wearing. Simple, understated designs to make our bags and accessories both timeless and effortless to wear, while clever touches to make life that bit easier. Beautifully designed and expertly crafted, these are forever favourites.

But it’s not just about the bag. Our village is about the people, from the leatherworkers who carefully craft each bag to the woman who wears it. From the first day of business to today, every piece fulfils our imagining of our values: made from luxurious, hard-wearing leather; manufactured impeccably in ethical surroundings, by partners who share our values in how we treat people; and ultimately, beauty – it has to pass the test of making every team member’s heart swoon. It is our ambition to be able to trace every bag to the farm it came from. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it.

We are committed to improving the health of the UK leatherworking industry too and part of the collection is manufactured in England. It takes a village to make a bag, from the first sketch to the final stitch. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency every step of the way.

Our Story

Village: A community of people united by a common cause or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas and information. A place where the greater good is more important than individual gain.

England: The birthplace of our global village. A land steeped in tales and traditions that inspire our designs and creativity.

I founded Village England with Eddie Knevett in 2013.

We first met when Eddie was the head of Accessories for one of the UK’s biggest department store chains, and I was the UK head of a major luxury fashion brand. In 2012, with a shift into beauty providing some distance and a new perspective on the fashion industry, I realised there were things I would want to do differently. It was the “what would I really spend my money on” question that lead to Village England. When faced with the high street offering, we agreed that corners were being cut unnecessarily on manufacturing, pricing didn’t reflect actual costs, and the important (yet relatively inexpensive to produce) design details they had come to expect from the luxury market were absent.

Enticed by the idea of what we would do differently if at the helm of our own start-up, Eddie and I found a way to make this dream a reality. Village England was launched soon after, in 2013

Eddie decided to step away from the business in 2016, however he remains part of the fabric of the brand in spirit and we remain great friends and in regular contact.

Continuing to evolve, we decided to introduce new categories in 2017 to sit alongside leather goods for the first time, with a Men’s collection planned for 2018.

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