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Village England was born out of
a passion for design
and a quest for the perfect bag.

On Product

We use gorgeous, tactile, hard-wearing, full-grain natural leather, because we love the honesty and integrity of natural leather.

Our lining is a really beautiful heavyweight cotton-sateen lining. Sateen refers to the weave of the cotton, making it extra soft. We hate it when you stick your hand into a bag and the lining feels cheap. We think all details are important.

Women need pockets on the inside. We have stuff, we need to put it somewhere. We'll never take out the pockets to make a bag less expensive. A bag must function for real life.

On Partners

We believe in treating people in the right way. All our partners pay a living wage, and in countries where it is possible not to do the right thing, we demand that the people who work for our partners are treated ethically. So no bonded labour, no unreasonable working hours. We insist that they allow collective negotiations and thus have good pay and conditions.

We have an independent assessor (SCS) to check to ensure these standards are upheld at all times (and they don't outsource to anyone else).

On Our Team

We believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay - for all our staff. We believe in paying our interns, we try to ensure all staff have a program for learning and development. We want our team to be happy and feel they are important, because they are VERY important to us.