A Wintry Tipple - the Negroni

A stiff drink is what you need mid-morning on Christmas Day. Not a complex red wine from Tunisia, but something on ice in a nice short glass. Breakfast was not long ago, after all. Ease yourself in gently.

Negroni in a bar - Village England Blog

Last year, we brought you dishwasher vodka. This year, we’re stepping it up on the 25th and drinking Negronis as we put the little crosses in the brussels sprouts. (Which side are you on re cross or no cross? A quick google proves that the internet is still very much undecided. Granny versus the chefs: an age-old debate.)

The Negroni is not for everyone – nothing cool ever is. (See smoking, tattoos and dubstep music.) This writer thinks drinking Negronis is an elaborate emperor’s new clothes and fans are all secretly wincing.

Negroni lovers can get pretty evangelical, and geeky. Perfecting your Negroni is part of joining the club, so to speak. 


Negrobni sketch im,ahe

This is the classic recipe - very delicious, go and make one right away.

35ml Gin

25ml Campari

25ml Red Vermouth

In a large tumbler, combine your three ingredients with a handful of ice cubes and swirl with a bar spoon. Prepare a rocks glass with a big ice cube or sphere and a piece of orange (make it a twist if you are feeling fancy, I personally like it when it has flesh to soak up lots of alcohol, that I can eat later). Strain the cocktail from the tumbler into the rocks glass.

And if the classic is a bit much for you, try a Blonde Negroni.

45ml Gin

25ml Cocchi American

25ml White Vermouth

Follow the same instructions as a normal Negroni, replacing the orange with a twist of lemon.


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