This Is Us

The story of Village England. It starts something like this ...

About Village England Stanian Hobo Crossbody shoulder Bag in Grey

Our story starts like this.

We make bags. We pour our heart and soul into them. We’re told it shows. 

Simple and understated, our designs are both timeless and effortless. Our clever touches make life that little bit easier.

We’re not afraid of getting lost in the detail – because it’s in the detail that wonderful things are found. From our linings to our pockets, our hardware to our dust bags, we’ve obsessed the small things. 

We don’t compromise on quality. The world doesn’t need more disposable products – but it needs better ones. We use quality leathers. They’re a cut above the rest. Manufactured impeccably in ethical surroundings, by partners who share our values in how we treat people.

Luxuriously tactile yet hardwearing, our bags age beautifully. Carefully designed and meticulously crafted, they become forever favourites.

Because our bags are with us every day. They share our stories. Bear witness to our adventures. The places we go, the people we meet along the way. Our successes, our failures. And everything in between.

About Village England. Barlings red tote lacing shoulder bag Made in England Britain
About Village England. Egton Stirrup Saddle Bag in Black on the North York Moors

But it’s not just about the bag. It’s about the Village, too.

A Village is about the people in it. Our Village is the team in our office. It’s the leatherworkers who carefully craft each bag. It’s the women who wear them, love them.

So this story isn’t just ours. Everyone in our Village has a story to tell. We want to share them. Because stories have the power to heal, to restore, to share ideas, to inspire. This, the Village Journal is a place to tell those stories. To hear from our remarkable Village of people and those journeys life carries them on.

So that’s how the story starts. We’re excited for the next chapter.


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Village England was born out of a passion for beautiful design and the desire to capture a sense of English style.