Traditional recipes: Scotch Eggs

Traditional recipes: Scotch Eggs

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Consisting of a boiled egg encased in breadcrumbed sausage meat, the humble Scotch Egg is the nation’s snack of choice, enjoyed everywhere from trendy gastropubs to rain-drenched summer picnics.   

For a seemingly simple nibble, its origins are quite obscure. Luxury London provisioner Fortnum & Mason claims it invented the snack for wealthy coach travellers in 1738. “The eggs would have been smaller in those days,’’ says the company’s archivist Dr Andrea Turner. “They would have been pullet’s eggs rather than hen’s eggs, and the meat would have been gamier, like a strong Victorian pâté.’’

An alternative theory, suggested by Annette Hope in her book A Caledonian Feast, claims that the Scotch egg evolved from Nargisi Kofta, an Indian dish which is also made from minced meat and a boiled egg.

While others say that it was a northern variant of the Cornish pasty produced by Scottish smallholders, who would have kept chickens and pigs.

Meanwhile, the Scotch egg’s fame has spread abroad. ‘Skorchi eggs’ have become a Japanese New Year delicacy and they are a best seller for the Nigerian food chain Mr Bigg’s.

Try making this delicacy for yourself with this egg-cellent Jamie Oliver RECIPE.




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