Our kind of Black Friday

In support of our new charity collaboration with ABC-Nepal, this Black Friday we’re going one-for-one.

Today, a year on from telling you why we choose not to get involved with Black Friday, we’re back to say those sentiments absolutely still hold true. (Check out last year’s post here.)

Put simply, it’s not what we do.


What we do do, however, is support people we think are doing amazing things.

I first heard about the charity ABC-Nepal through a friend and neighbour in February of this year. Very quickly we were cooking up an idea for a collaboration. (By the way, this is one of the truly excellent ‘perks’ of running your own business. Hearing about the work of an amazing charity and having the tools and the opportunity to make something happen.)

Charity ABC-Nepal working on village england bags
Canvas charity tote shopper from Village England
village England canvas bag for AW17

Durga Ghimire set up ABC-Nepal in 1987. The goal and purpose of the charity is to rehabilitate female victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation, and to prevent further abuse through education. Entirely based in Nepal, ABC not only give the women and girls stability and a safe place to live, but also support their education and provide vocational training, enabling them to lead dignified and independent lives.

(For more information please do have a look at their website here.)

One such vocational training is in sewing and fabric-work - this is where the collaboration comes in.

ABC-Nepal are now our supplier of fabric shopping bags.  It was the sort of project we had been searching for for a long time and a great way of supporting this fantastic charity.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a journey! It was important to us and to the charity that the women would be paid fairly, asked to produce only small quantities and given relaxed deadlines: as their first big piece of commercial work, it was not fair or reasonable to assume they could achieve the speed of a factory line. We bought them a sewing machine, and donated money for them to buy the initial raw material.  The first samples of the canvas tote that they produced were pretty good really: lovely thick, slightly stiff cotton, neat stitching, perfect construction. No less than a premium shopper. We were, and are, delighted.

The first production bags arrived this week and are available to buy now. They are each signed by the woman who made them, as any master signs their work.  Perfect for tucking into the bottom of your normal handbag, ready to carry home a loaf of bread and a paper on a Saturday morning, and hand-printed with the Village England logo - roundel on one side, our word mark on the other.

100% of the proceeds (100% of what you pay, excluding the VAT we can’t avoid) from the sale of these shoppers will go to ABC-Nepal, helping them to continue their excellent work.

Our Black Friday deal? We’ll match your donation to ABC-Nepal, no code needed.

As usual, thanks for being on this journey with us.


Much love,




Find the bags on our site here.


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