Insider Information: Why Start A Village?

Insider Information: Why Start A Village?

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Julia discusses what inspired the creation of Village England and gives some thoughts on the work/life balance...


Nearly 4 years ago I sat down with my friend Eddie and we discussed, in quite some detail, whether we should “give it all up” and start a business together. 

I remember the meeting – hay fever season and we had our saucers on top of the cups to defend them from falling tree pollen, I was very heavily pregnant – not a brilliant time to be starting a business. But the cake. The cake was excellent and was defended fiercely from the pollen.




When given a blank piece of paper and the opportunity to create something all your own, its easiest to just sit there and stare into the distance and wonder of the enormity of the whole thing.  The reality, of course, was that once I started writing down what I wanted, the key elements of what I HATED about trying to “have it all” with my corporate life; balance something with “work” (it wasn’t “life”) I honestly couldn’t stop.

I yearned for more time, more fulfillment, more control. I wanted to create –I wanted to know more about the world, cook new things, grow vegetables. I wanted to know more about what was going on in my neighbourhood, to hang out with my children. It seemed that trying to balance so much for so many years, I was ready to think of me first. But interestingly, it never felt selfish.



The idea of the Village – the brand we created – was really driven by this aspirational life where we are truly present. It isn’t selfish, because it is looking after each other - watching out for each others children, making sure the retirees are OK after the snowfall– a REAL community, knowing that the more you put into something the more you’ll get out.

And of course we are a community. In the beginning was just me and Eddie, and then my husband who reviewed my initial business plan and subsequently rivaled Samual L Jackson with the amount of times he could use the word f*ck in a sentence and still make sense. And then so many other friends and old work friends were rallied around my dining table, bribed with a pretty decent dinner and too much wine gave up huge amounts of advice and consumer data.

Our village has blossomed and extended as our business has grown. From the lovely group of people who regularly get together to drag Eddie and me out of the minutia of a start-up to the people I meet at events and the speaking engagements. It’s been a fabulously fun journey thus far, and I’m desperately proud of this lovely community, born of the Village we created.

Thinking of redefining your work life balance?  I thoroughly recommend you do.

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