An easy update: the Porlock cross body strap

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Porlock studded two-tone cross body strap from Village England Handbags

Picture the scene: your favourite day-to-day bag is already packed with everything you need, including your purse, your only set of keys, a favourite lipstick; there are kirby grips in one pocket and plasters in the other. But you really want to use something a bit dressier that day - a bag that makes more of a statement on your behalf. (Specifically, the statement of: ‘I, like my handbag, am really fun, jazzy and prepared for any occasion.’) There’s no time for a frantic swap over to a different bag and you know that if you do, something important will inevitably be forgotten.

Enter the Porlock

Porlock red and black two tone leather bag strap
Porlock strap from Village England luxury handbags

Update any outfit with this beauty, the Porlock, our first studded strap. Two-tone, so you can choose which colour and design to have front-facing, each stud is hand-hammered into the leather to create this intricate flower pattern (just like our new cross body, the Penshaw). Go for black with red, or ginger with yellow.

The Porlock offers the ultimate new lease of life to your favourite handbag, with minimum effort.

We love the ease of the idea: roll it up at the bottom of your daytime/ work bag and put it on when you leave for Friday night drinks. Or, if you have ever felt that you are missing out on the coloured handbag party (it's a fun place to be) but can't quite leave your trusty black or brown bag at home, this is the answer. Jazz up your old favourite with this intricately beautiful studded design, whilst remaining happily in your comfort zone.

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