Into the Deep

Oxblood. This rich, decadent hue is setting the tone for the season

oxblood deep red burgundy stanian large hobo bag crossbody or shoulder autumn fall tones

Autumn. When that crisp and frosty chill starts to creep into the air, when leaves turn and fall, when the landscape begins to change after an extended period of warm.

At Village England, we’re ringing in the autumnal change with the introduction of a new seasonal shade: Oxblood Red.

Oxblood is the colour of a good red wine (we’d place it somewhere between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy). Deep and luxurious, an oxblood bag adds an element of understated sophistication to any look.

oxblood red burgundy stanian large hobo bag crossbody or shoulder autumn fall tones
oxblood red burgundy tealby small crescent shape crossbody bag autumn fall tones

This season, we’ve introduced the colour to two different bags, a soft and slouchy hobo and a compact crossbody. 

There’s the Stanian, our softly-structured, easy-to-wear hobo bag. Delightfully versatile, it can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. And because one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, it comes in two sizes, Medium and Large.

Then there’s the Tealby.  A crescent-shaped crossbody bag, it’s sleek and simple. With room for all your essentials, the Tealby is just perfect for days on the run, when you need to go hands-free.

If you gravitate towards more muted neutrals, an oxblood bag pairs perfectly with the colours that make up the base of your wardrobe: grey, navy, blush, black and white. But, for the daring, it looks just as good with brighter shades like cobalt blue, orange or khaki.

The other great thing about oxblood? It’s a perfect transitional shade, so your oxblood bag will effortlessly take you from day to night with ease.

If you’re after a smaller pop of colour, we’ve also introduced the new shade into our range of purses.

With 14 credit card slots and three note compartments, our full-size purses are a stylish way to keep everything you need close at hand. There’s the Arrundel, timeless and classic and finished with our famous stirrup detailing, or the Abberley, complete with brushed brass studs and an embossed Village England logo.

For those who favour more compact dimensions, our oxblood wallets also come in half sizes. There’s the Leigh with a stirrup closure (it’s a pint-sized version of the Arrundel) and the Broadway,  younger sister to the Abberley.  


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