Beautiful Villages: Staithes, North Yorkshire

Beautiful Villages: Staithes, North Yorkshire

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Staithes is a romantic fishing village in North Yorkshire known for its winding alleys, cobbled streets and harbourside cottages. Home to Captain James Cook, amongst other heroes, Staithes was once one of the largest fishing ports on the North East coast, and its picturesque views give this charming seaside town the feel of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez magical realist short story. Before moving to Whitby to join the Royal Navy, James Cook worked as a grocer’s apprentice in Staithes where it is said he developed his love of the sea. It was also home to well-known artists who formed ‘The Staithes Group’ or ‘The Northern Impressionists’, and included the likes of Dame Laura Knight. To celebrate these renowned artists, the village holds an annual Arts and Heritage Festival. Fro more info head here.



Even though fewer than half of the houses in the village are occupied by local people, the traditions of the village have not yet died; many of the local women still wear Staithes bonnets, and the Staithes Fisher Men's Choir is still going strong.

Staithes is a popular destination for geologists researching the Jurassic and as such, despite being located within the North York Moors National Park, this area is often named ‘Jurassic Park’ or the ‘Dinosaur Coast’. See more here

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