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There's nothing like the nostalgia of a handbag. Find a bag in the back of your wardrobe and it has the ability to transport you back like no other item. Useful and dependable, it was there for every occasion, from the most everyday occurrence to the absolute landmark. A good bag will make itself indispensable and go the distance. We asked Julia and Lorraine from the Village England team to choose the bags that have a special significance and conjure the most memories for them.

Hempstead blue Village england handbag

Village England Founder Julia: "The Beamish will always be special for me: I have carried the black since it was launched and The Times and The Telegraph declared it their 'bag of the season' in early 2015. That was a really important moment for us and marked the start of a great year. The blue Beamish is my current favourite - it's so bright, I love it. Great for picking up a wintery outfit and bringing a bit of fun."

Lorraine, Retail Manager: "With us since the first collection, for me it had to be the Cranleigh. The red Cranleigh is my go-to bag, it goes with me everywhere! I always go for crossbody shapes and this one is just right; I can't fill it with anything humungous and weight it down, but it's big enough to pack everything I need for a long day out."


Village England luxury leather handbag in red
Julia Dobson Village England Founder with Beamish in blue

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