A long way until tomorrow

Let’s break the infatuation with tomorrow. This morning has been our soul-mate all along.

morning, dawn, wheat field, sunrise, tomorrow

You’ll often find me saying that I hate mornings. Getting out of bed is a bore, and my nice warm bed holds far more appeal than the biting chill of the pre-sunrise air.

But while it’s true that I don’t too much like getting out of bed, I don’t hate mornings. In fact, I think there’s something special about them. Mornings hold promise. There’s a whole day stretched before me in which I can do amazing things.

But perhaps most promising, morning is the time when tomorrow is still far away. When I can’t really justify making an excuse to defer responsibility to that promised land … ‘Tomorrow’.  

Putting things off until tomorrow is a natural part of the human condition. And, like a friend who makes plans and never follows through, tomorrow makes lofty promises and then vanishes.

Tomorrow is the place where we park our plans to eat more healthily, make that appointment, get to the gym. A mythical place where we’re going to be as productive as we’ll ever be.

How often have you been told to “sleep on it”, heard it said that “tomorrow is a new day”, and “it’ll all be better in the morning”? I understand that hopeful optimism. We put so much stock in tomorrow. But tomorrow isn’t a reward for today.

We do believe that tomorrow is a new day, a chance for a fresh start. But so was today. At least, that’s what I told myself yesterday.

Every day is a blank slate to fill. A new beginning. And all new beginnings require a leap of faith.

In the end, it’s worth the risk.

So what can I create this morning? I’m going to get up and go for that walk. I’m going to make that phone call. I’ll start my diet (even though it’s not a Monday!).

What would the world get done today if we decided to put off tomorrow? I’ll do my bit. With a little coffee and a whole lot of determination, I’ll meet each new morning head on.

Let’s break the infatuation with tomorrow. This morning has been our soul-mate all along.



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