Insider Information: handbag care

Insider Information: handbag care

by Village England luxury leather hand bags

At Village England we craft bags for people with real lives, but of course leather is a natural material and needs to be looked after. With a little bit of TLC, your bag or purse will age and look better for longer. 

We recommend that dampness, humidity and rain should be avoided; although perhaps this is a tricky one if you live in the UK....! If your Village England bag does get wet, blot the excess moisture with a soft, light coloured cloth, gently stuff with tissue paper and then it leave to dry naturally. 

Try not to overfill your bag or purse as this tends to make bags and purses lose their shape over time and could potentially damage your bag handles. 

Try not to spray perfume on or near any part of your handbag as this can loosen the dye within the leather causing it to bleed.

When storing your bag, try and keep light and dark leathers separate, as the dye in the darker colour could migrate over to the lighter leather.

Never dry your bag by artificial heat, or store it away in a damp place. When not is use store your bag out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources, ideally in the dust bag provided, as this allows your handbag to breathe. Try to avoid putting it in a plastic bag for too long as this will dry out the leather.

Regular use of a protector spray will help guard against staining and water penetration, although it cannot make your bag waterproof(!)

Do keep your bag soft and supple by regularly cleaning it and also treating it with some nourishing cream, leather is a natural product.  Good friends of ours at Village England have a lovely company called and produce some amazing leathercare products. 


Show your bag a little love by treating it well and looking after it. 


The hair calf has a natural finish to it which is less durable than our regular leathers. This special leather needs to be treated with care as abrasion can wear away some of the pile which is not reversible nor a fault with the leather.

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