Insider Information: : About Us

Insider Information: : About Us

by Village England luxury leather hand bags


Where We Are From

Julia and Eddie met when they were on opposite sides of the table – Eddie was head of accessories for one of the UK’s biggest department store chains, and Julia the UK head of a major luxury fashion brand. It was a friendship too, based on shared values in how to do business (doing the right thing) and a shared love of cake.

After spending years immersed in the world of high fashion, Eddie and Julia decided to create something different – beautiful yet practical accessories inspired by a uniquely English sense of style, all at a real world price.



The Founders

Julia likes to start her day with lemon and hot water, swiftly followed by more than one industrial-strength coffee (it’s all about balance). She lives with Mr Dobson and her two sons who keep her sane and muddy.

When not designing handbags, Eddie loves making ceramics (check out his chickens in this blog post), and he is rather the expert on craft fairs, art exhibitions and any National Trust property within a 2-hour drive of north London.

Find out about our values HERE.

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Village England was born out of a passion for beautiful design and the desire to capture a sense of English style.