Home Sweet Home

Our thoughts and dreams are sheltered there, our fights and triumphs, souls laid bare.

home sweet home house overlooking the ocean

It’s the home that anchors in a storm.

A place that gives our world a form.

Our thoughts and dreams are sheltered there.

Our fights and triumphs, our souls laid bare.

Home has seen our worst, our best. Has given us the room to test,

Our voices shrill, our laughing tears, our tender moments, unvoiced fears.

Between the walls our thoughts collide, the bricks that house our fragile pride.

The windows watch our lives unfold, they see us raw and uncontrolled.

The foundation that we build upon, the place that holds us when we’re gone.

It’s where our dreams arrange themselves, like books positioned on the shelves.

It’s the place we want to leave or find, create, redecorate, redefine.

It’s where we hang our bags, our keys, or where emotion brings us to our knees.

A stage and space for love and play, the place we leave that won’t away.

For home dwells inside the heart of us, the burning in the dark of us.

Each day we leave it all behind, but carry it in soul and mind.


By Ursula Brunetti 

Village England was born out of a passion for beautiful design and the desire to capture a sense of English style.