Behind the Scenes on our Shoot

Behind the scenes of our current collection photoshoot at the Gibberd Gardens in Harlow.

Belthorn bag in ginger

at the moment it is that exciting time of the year when we get to release our newest bags and capture them all at a big photoshoot. This year it was set in the gorgeous Gibberd Gardens, near Cambridge.

The gardens used to be owned by Sir Frederick Gibberd,  who our very knowledgeable photographer informed us was an architect and an avid collector of sculptures. It is not a surprise then that our photographs are full of old statues, some even a little daring.

Upon arrival it was immediately obvious that the gardens were perfect for what we needed: lots of nooks and crannies in which to capture beautiful light between the tree branches, some bigger open spaces, gorgeous blousy flowers and plants. We loved the Englishness of the dark green ivy - you'll notice it features pretty heavily. 

Haworth bag in ginger
Dovenby bag, coming out soon
Village England silver bracelet

The day started with bright colours as our  Wiston bags were being used against a white canvas of jeans and plain top (they really do add richness to any outfit).

It later began to rain and any undercover area was becoming quite desirable. It was lucky that we then found a little stone house, which we used to take photographs of our soon to be out Barlings bag.

10 outfits later, that our amazing stylists had put together, and we had completed all our looks. There was only one more thing to take care of.

We had to wait for our new jewellery collection to arrive. But at last at around 6pm we had a chance to feature our sterling silver jewellery designs. You can even have a little sneak peak of the collection above.

Overall, the shoot was a success, as much as the rain tried to dampen our joy.

Keep an eye out for even more new releases over the coming season.

Bring on Autumn!

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